Mirror, Mirror!

On the wall, who is the truest of us all?

Once upon a time, there was a big mirror which could speak, unlike the mirrors that we used to see ourselves; this mirror would help us look within us. Clara was the only girl in town, who had this mirror.

We’re living in a dystopian world; where there is this constant need to show the best versions of ourselves.

Clara would occasionally meet her childhood friends; they’ve known each other for 13 years now… they’d call themselves as Winx Girls!

They were meeting after 3 long years today; each one of them was busy with their exams, internships, and various other stuff that they’ve been doing.

Clara had a tough time during these three years, her parents had a toxic relationship which was indirectly creating disharmony at home; hence she would always give her best in whatever she did to distract herself from the toxicity of her family. Along wither dysfunctional family; she had a drop in her academics as she was unable to cope with Architecture and wanted to pursue liberal arts.

It was 5 PM; the Winx Girls were meeting at their usual spot at 7, The Tea Time Café.

Clara began to get nervous as she didn’t want her friends to know about her miserable situations. She wore one of her favorite dresses, began to get ready, she put on makeup, picked her favorite sandals and was off to the venue. She also carried her mirror inside her matching bag.

Throughout her ride to the venue, she was anxious, as if it didn’t feel like herself.

She reached the venue and found her Winx Girls all together seated in their spot.

Clara sat next to her best friend, Sera. They’ve been together since their second grade. Sera, shared everything about her life with her as they had met after so long!

Sera had been back from Italy after completing her Designer course and will soon be starting to work at Rexus as a costume designer.

Hearing all of this, Clara didn’t have anything happy to share from her life. She felt under confident and embarrassed about her situation.

Clara, got her mirror out to fix her hair, and a loud sound was heard, it was the speaking mirror. It said the true life state of Clara aloud, “Clara, my dear all this make up and dressing is not going to hide your pain, or change your situation.” She was scared of what would happen next.

To her surprise, all her Winx girls gave her a tight group hug, they ordered her favorite triple chocolate pastry and they motivated her to take the necessary steps that she needs to take up.

It turned out to be a very happy meet for each one of them. Indeed, friends are the family we choose.

Let’s not pretend to be who we are not, instead acknowledge our pain and work together towards happiness. Staying in denial regarding our flaws will only stop us from growing.

Clara was no more embarrassed, rather chose to embrace herself and move closer to her dreams.

With the help of her friends, she decided to take up a Liberal art course and enroll in her desired college.

About her family situation, even though she cannot change anything about it she chooses to give love to them and be there for them as they resolve their relationship problems.

Pain is inevitable. We choose to either sink or rise in those situations. As Daishonin says, “Suffer what there is to suffer and enjoy what there is to enjoy.”

​Hi. I'm Malvika. An aspiring professor who wishes to bring about a change in the minds of the people through writing:) ​ Unwind and learn.